Belle | Merida

Merida entered the small pub called the Shrub, almost stumbling into the nearest chair. She had a horrid headache, which was result of last night’s drinking. That stupid Huntsman wouldn’t give up until she almost did. Thankfully that girl Gretel had saved her, and also recommended that she come here for breakfast. 

She rested her head down on the table face down, her curls covering almost the entire surface. Merida knew that a nice warm breakfast with some water would help, but she didn’t have the energy or much of the patience, to order anything at the moment. 

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    Ed grinned from ear to ear. “This is great. Really. Friendly faces are always welcome. Sit, please.” He gestured to a...
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    Merida looked down at the unfamiliar sort of hand shake that he gave her. It was odd for her to receive such a greeting,...
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    Belle looked to Merida as she introduced herself, smiling a bit sheepishly and letting out a puff of air, before...